3347 Tates Creek Rd Lexington, KY 40502


8 Hours


Breakfast, Lunch, Tours, Transportation and More!


A day designed to showcase the Thoroughbred industry in all its glory. From foals to Stallions we will interact with all the different horses. We will check out Keeneland to focus in on the racing aspect of the industry. Followed by an in-depth tour of one of the beautiful horse farms in Lexington, where we dive into everything that has to do with Mare and Foals. Last, we see famous stallions who have retired from racing but continue to work in the stud capacity. There is no better way to experience this famous industry!

"The essential of joy being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of Grace, Spirit and Freedom"

- Sharon Ralls Lemon -

My friend and I were absolutely blown away by the whole experience. Nate was amazing - the coolest, friendliest guy that you'd want to hang out with and with a wealth of knowledge of the industry and the area. The tour was fun and laid back and without the usual "cattle call" feel of a lot of organized tours. 

- Tally -